June 20 2017

Garden mulch for sale in Geelong

Mulch minutes from Wombat Gully Looking for garden mulch in Geelong at wholesale prices direct to the public? Then you can’t go past Irwin’s Tree Removals, only three minutes past Wombat Gully at 282 – 300 Moolap Station Rd, Moolap. We have more garden mulch than we know what to do with, so drive in to one…

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March 27 2014

Stump grinding Geelong

Once your tree is gone, it really is important to have the stump removed from the ground. At Irwin’s Tree Removal Geelong we recommend stump grinding as the most effective way to completely remove stubborn tree stumps large and small – no matter how deeply rooted they are. Some people feel confident removing small to…

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February 25 2014

Tree removal needed after Geelong’s downpour

The recent downpour in Geelong left gardens a muddy mess! We received a number of calls on the day to residences in Geelong to remove unsafe trees and branches damaged by the downpour. Some had snapped branches which were barely hanging on, while some had almost completely washed away, leaving a dangerous and unsightly jagged stump in the…

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December 13 2013

Geelong tree pruning

Why prune your trees? Trees seem to be pretty self-sufficient. They grow easily, most only need the rainfall they get naturally and they just seem to ‘exist’ in harmony with the environment around them. Trees provide shade and protection, they’re not fussy and they don’t need much in return. However, there is great benefit in…

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