Geelong tree lopping & pruning

Irwins Tree Removal believes that where possible, trees should be preserved. In your backyard, in your street, at your local cafe or dotted around your business – trees are a beautiful natural feature and offer shade and protection from the sun.

However, trees need regular pruning to ensure they can continue to grow and also to remove overhanging branches that can pose a danger to people and property if they fall. Overhanging branches can also pose a problem for power lines and poles.

Pruning and maintenance

Not everyone has the time, equipment, knowledge or confidence for tree pruning. In cases where you have a tree that you would like to keep, but can’t necessarily care for, Irwins Tree Removal can provide regular tree pruning and maintenance to keep your tree healthy and safe. We are experts at pruning trees so that they have the best opportunity to grown healthily in the environment they are in.

Tree lopping

Tree lopping refers to cutting and removing branches from the main body of the tree. We use Tree Towers which makes this process a breeze, even on the tallest of trees. With an elevated platform and the ease of rotation, our trained professionals will remove unsafe branches safely.

For professional tree lopping and pruning in Geelong, please contact us. If you have a tree causing structural damage to a building or has become unsafe, we also provide tree removal.