Excavator hire Geelong

An excavator is just what you need for heavy duty land clearing jobs and demolition. These all-mighty machines will destruct, lift, move, carry and clear earth and other debris in no time.

While bobcats are great for general earth moving, site clean-up and spreading earth for landscaping and preparation of driveways, excavators are great for bigger projects requiring more power and a larger volume of earth to be moved. The powerful “caterpillar arm” will reach the most awkward places – crushing and lifting earth with ease.

Hire an excavator for:

  • Extensive land clearing
  • Fire hazard reduction
  • Trenching
  • Pool excavations – dig deep into solid ground for pools
  • Demolition – remove buildings and other structures to make way for new construction

Excavators are designed to be manoeuvred over uneven, bumpy ground to reach any problem area. We don’t leave you in the lurch with this powerful machinery – all excavators come with a fully trained operator.

We also provide bobcat hire and truck hire in Geelong. Please contact us to discuss your next project, whether you are a DIY renovator or a professional builder – we will advise on the type and size of machine needed to successfully complete your earth moving project.