Geelong tree removal

Irwins Tree Removal staff are professional, trained experts in safe and effective tree removal. In cases when a tree needs to be cut down, we have the equipment and experience to remove it safely and efficiently.

Irwins Tree Removal use Travel Towers to safely cut down and remove your tree. Tree Towers have an extended rotating arm so we can access all parts of your tree with ease. They are highly professional pieces of equipment with an elevated platform and make tree removal a breeze.

We always leave the site clean and tidy with minimal damage to the surrounding environment. In cases where we remove the tree stump we even fill in the hole.

Cases when you might need tree removal:

  • The tree and its roots are causing structural damage to a building including residential homes or businesses
  • The tree has grown far too big for the property it is on and is beyond the care of the owner who can not afford ongoing maintenance
  • Trees that are damaged by storms or other natural disasters and pose a danger to people near them
  • Land clearing prior to construction of any kind from backyard renovations to major commercial projects
  • Trees that are old and likely to fall, posing a danger to nearby people and property

There are many more reasons why you may need a tree removed and we can help you. Tree cutting is best undertaken by trained professionals rather than risking your own health or safety trying to take it down without the proper equipment or experience.

Please contact Irwins Tree Removal in Geelong for a quote on any job.

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