Geelong land clearing

If you are undertaking any kind of development project, chances are you may need land cleared.

You can’t well build a house or school around a giant tree. Similarly, if you are planning on using land for agriculture including growing crops, trees will suck most of the nutrients from the soil, lessening the quality and growth of your crops.

Some reasons why people need land cleared include:

  • To make way for construction and urban development – i.e. residential, commercial buildings, for new roads and new estates
  • Agriculture – i.e. growing crops such as wheat
  • Cattle grazing and other farm uses
  • To reduce bush fire risk – removing large dry trees near homes helps to reduce the risk of losing homes in a bush fire
  • Land levelling – you can’t level land that is covered in trees, even one large tree with extensive roots can make levelling land a difficult task

Trees are a beautiful asset and where possible it is advised to preserve them. However, in some cases this is just not possible and that’s why we are here to help with trained professionals and the correct equipment. Whatever reason you need land clearing in Geelong, please contact us.

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