Geelong stump grinding & removal

The tree is gone, but an unsightly stump remains. Removing the tree is only half the job – tree stump removal is the other half.

Stump grinding should be undertaken by trained professionals who are experienced and confident with stump removal equipment. If you are not trained to use the equipment needed you can risk serious injury and also often damage more of the surrounding environment than is necessary.

We even fill in the hole so the site is left clean and tidy. We always take great care not to damage the surrounding the environment.

Had your tree and stump removed? Why not take advantage of our on-site mulching and wood chipping service and re-purpose your tree!

For expert stump grinding in Geelong, please contact Irwins Tree Removal. Irwins Tree Removal provide tree removal in Geelong. We can care for your tree as long as you need us to or can remove the entire tree and stump when needed.

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