Geelong truck hire

Any earth moving job will require a dump truck to remove earth and other debris from your work site. Whether you’re completing a pool excavation, digging trenches or cleaning up a construction site – you will need to dispose of earth and rubbish. Hire a truck and safely dispose of dirt, branches, roots, wood, plastic and more at your local tip.

Even minor excavations can fill a skip in no time – larger excavations for pools or land clearing will likely require a truck to transport a greater volume of rubbish with ease. During your hire time with the truck, you can make multiple trips either collecting materials or disposing of them, rather than waiting for someone to pick up and empty a skip.

Truck hire gives you control to complete your earth moving project at your own pace and with ease. Irwins Tree Removal provides bobcat hire and excavator hire, too. We have you covered for all your DIY, contruction and earth moving projects. Based in Geelong, we service surrounding areas, including Torquay through to Lorne.

Please contact us to discuss your needs.