Tree removal needed after Geelong’s downpour

The recent downpour in Geelong left gardens a muddy mess! We received a number of calls on the day to residences in Geelong to remove unsafe trees and branches damaged by the downpour. Some had snapped branches which were barely hanging on, while some had almost completely washed away, leaving a dangerous and unsightly jagged stump in the ground.

The Bureau of Meteorology recorded a massive 60mm of rain in just 20 short minutes for Geelong – the heaviest hit town in Victoria. Unbelievably, other parts of Geelong missed the action with the sun shining and none the wiser to the havoc happening in surrounding suburbs!

When nature strikes, trees are often left hanging – literally. Exposed to the ravages of wind, heavy rain and lightening, we are often called to remove storm damaged trees.

Please contact us for tree removal in Geelong and surrounding areas.


Storm-damaged-trees   Broken-tree