Stump grinding Geelong

Once your tree is gone, it really is important to have the stump removed from the ground. At Irwin’s Tree Removal Geelong we recommend stump grinding as the most effective way to completely remove stubborn tree stumps large and small – no matter how deeply rooted they are.

Some people feel confident removing small to medium sized trees on their own, but removing the stump safely is quite difficult. Stump grinding machinery needs to be operated by trained and confident personnel. Whether you need us to remove the entire tree and stump, or only the stump, we will happily provide our professional services.

After a tree is removed, it is easy to put off having the stump removed also – especially if overhanging branches were the problem – not the stump or roots.

Reasons why you shouldn’t wait:

  • Tree stumps cause a tripping hazard, particularly in residential or busy areas. You could be liable if someone hurts themselves by tripping on a semi-concealed stump.
  • Stumps rot easily at ground level when exposed to rain, mildew and other elements.
  • Rotting stumps attract pests including termites.

Do you have a pesky stump on your property that you’ve been meaning to deal with? Contact Irwins Tree Removal in Geelong.


Tree stump grinding in Geelong