Geelong tree pruning

December 13, 2013

Why prune your trees?

Trees seem to be pretty self-sufficient. They grow easily, most only need the rainfall they get naturally and they just seem to ‘exist’ in harmony with the environment around them.

Trees provide shade and protection, they’re not fussy and they don’t need much in return.

However, there is great benefit in pruning your tree. Removing dead wood and trimming branches encourages new growth to keep your tree looking healthy and neat.

Pruning your tree also allows more sunlight to filter through the branches and trees and the sun is a source of energy for trees which fuels healthy growth.

Another reason to prune your tree can be for safety reasons – to remove branches before they drop. One way to tell if branches are dying and posing a danger is if they are horizontal – or worse, leaning on a downwards angle.

Branches should be growing upward – not horizontally or downwards. If this is the case, they really need to be removed in order to remove the danger of them falling and threatening the safety of people and damaging property.

If your tree is a feature in your yard you want it looking its best! If you don’t have time or the equipment to prune your tree, contact us. We provide tree pruning and maintenance throughout Geelong.